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ePicture - Image Gallery extension for Dynamics CRM

ePicture extends CRM2011 entities with Image Gallery functionality. Add an Image Gallery to almost any entity, including custom entities.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In a lot of demonstrations of CRM we see the contact or account record showing the contact’s photo, with ePicture you can now achieve this quickly and easily, which is great if you want to capture staff information on the CRM System User record or use it to identify Customers at an event.

There are many business verticals that may require the need to capture pictures in a CRM database - for example, Property Management or Fleet Hire.

Datasheets and Guides
Document Name : ePicture Datasheet
Filename : ePicture.2011.DataSheet.pdf
File size : 880.8KB
Version : 1
Published Date : August 2016
Document Name : ePicture User Guide
Filename : ePicture.2011.Userguide.pdf
File size : 1.4MB
Version : 1
Published Date : August 2016
Supported Languages
Language Country Language Code
English United States 1033
Pricing per CRM Organisation
EPIC-10 ePicture Solution 10 users £600.00
EPIC-30 ePicture Solution 30 users £1,000.00
EPIC-60 ePicture Solution 60 users £1,500.00
EPIC-ENTERPRISE ePicture Enterprise Unlimited users £2,500.00