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eTax - Tax calculation for Dynamics 365 Sales

The MyCRM eTax solution is a tax calculation add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

It really does help when you get the numbers right...

eTax is an extension to the way Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice records calculate sales tax or VAT and allows an end user to select a VAT or Tax Rate for the particular Opportunity, Quote, Order or Invoice record as it is being created.

The only change to the Opportunity, Quote, Order or Invoice screen is the addition of a look up field for the appropriate VAT or Tax Rate.

Datasheets and Guides
Document Name : eTax - Datasheet
Filename : eTax.2013.Datasheet.pdf
File size : 661.6KB
Version : 1
Published Date : May 2016
Document Name : eTax - User Guide
Filename : eTax.2013.User.Guide.pdf
File size : 935.6KB
Version : 1
Published Date : May 2016
Supported Languages
Language Country Language Code
English United States 1033
Pricing per CRM Organisation
ETAX-10 eTAX Solution 10 users £600.00
ETAX-30 eTAX Solution 30 users £1,000.00
ETAX-60 eTAX Solution 60 users £1,500.00
ETAX-ENTERPRISE eTAX Enterprise Unlimited users £2,500.00