About Us

A decade has now passed since the MyCRM team started to build solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our enthusiasm for the platform has not waivered as we have had the opportunity to build some great relationships with customers and businesses around the world.

Our team have grown in both size and knowledge since our inception, and now we have customers in 23 countries and well over 3000 registered participants on the MyCRM Download Centre. We are going from strength to strength, helping business like yours get the best from your Microsoft Dynamics investment.

Our Productivity Enhancements

The MyCRM Download Centre is a full eco system that not only provides access to some amazing productivity enhancements for your business, but enables updates, patching and full product support that is fully integrated with the MyCRM licence and support environments.

Our solutions have been designed from experience with your business in mind, help you achieve more with less and drive adoption within your own business.