eMap - Mapping and Geocoding for Dynamics 365 Sales

eMap is a fully-integrated mapping solution for Dynamics 365 for Sales. Have you ever needed to visualise your customers on a global or local scale? Now you can!

Enhance your selling power with Bing Maps

eMap, powered by Bing, allows you to create maps based on saved views in CRM. Using a unique geocoding plugin, all your current and future Accounts, Leads, Contacts and any custom entities will have a location calculated by the content of their address fields. Create maps to show the location of all your active Accounts, Cases, Leads. Customise your entity forms with a map to show the location. Get driving directions and find customers along a route. All this and so much more, bought to you by the power of eMap and Bing Maps.

  • Geocode any entity in CRM
  • Get an at-a-glance view of location trends of your CRM records
  • Filter entities by location (i.e. "Find me all Accounts within 50 miles of London")
  • Create marketing lists and quick-campaigns based on location-filtered entities
  • Plan a driving route and find entities within x miles of the route
  • Create maps that can be placed on Dashboards and Forms
  • No messing about with Bing Maps keys that expire after 30 days

Datasheets and Guides
Document Name : eMap - Datasheet
Filename : eMap.Datasheet.pdf
File size : 1006.9KB
Version : 1
Published Date : January 2014
Document Name : eMap - User Guide
Filename : eMap.UserGuide.pdf
File size : 2MB
Version : 1
Published Date : January 2014
Document Name : eMap - Appointments
Filename : eMap.Appointments.pdf
File size : 781.3KB
Version : 1
Published Date : September 2016
Document Name : eMap - Local Search
Filename : eMap.LocalSearch.pdf
File size : 1.1MB
Version : 1
Published Date : September 2016
Document Name : eMap - Configuration
Filename : eMap.Configuration_20171122.pdf
File size : 1.4MB
Version : 2
Published Date : September 2017
Supported Languages
Language Country Language Code
German Germany 1031
English United States 1033
French France 1036
Italian Italy 1040
Dutch Netherlands 1043
Spanish - Modern Sort Spain 3082
Pricing per User per Month / Year *
EMAP-SUB eMap User Subscription £12.00
EMAP-YEAR eMap Annual Subscription £120.00
* Minimum of 5 Users