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MyGEOMap (eMap) - Mapping and GeoCoding for Microsoft Dynamics 365

MyGEOMap from MyCRM enhances productivity and delivers extended business value through data visualisation.  A subscription based service that fully integrates Bing Maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Enhance your selling power with Bing Maps

MyGEOMap, is fully integrated with Bing Maps inside Dynamics 365, allowing you to create multiple maps and multiple layers on a map based on saved views in Dynamics 365 CRM.  Using a unique geocoding service, all your current and future Accounts, Leads, Contacts and any custom entities will have a location calculated by the content of their address fields.

You will be able to create maps to show the location of all your active Accounts, Cases, Leads and customise your 365 forms with a map to show record information by location.

Included is the feature to build marketing lists by drawing multiple boxes, run quick campaigns or even pass the query to advanced find.  You can plan routes for customers or points on the map, build up driving directions and find customers along a route.

All this and so much more, bought to you by the power of MyGEOMap and Bing Maps.

All MyCRM productivity enhancements are subscription based

  • Geocode any entity in CRM
  • Get an at-a-glance view of location trends of your CRM records
  • Filter entities by location (i.e. "Find me all Accounts within 50 miles of London")
  • Create marketing lists and quick-campaigns based on location-filtered entities
  • Plan a driving route and find entities within x miles of the route
  • Create maps that can be placed on Dashboards and Forms
  • No messing about with Bing Maps keys that expire after 30 days

Pricing per User per Month / Year *
EMAP-SUB eMap User Subscription £7.00
EMAP-YEAR eMap Annual Subscription £70.00
* Minimum of 5 Users
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Datasheets and Guides
Document Name : eMap.Overview.Guide.365
Filename : eMap.Overview.Guide.365.pdf
File size : 317.6KB
Version : 2
Published Date : June 2018
Document Name : eMap.User.Guide.Full.365
Filename : eMap.User.Guide.Full.365.pdf
File size : 2MB
Version : 2
Published Date : June 2018
Document Name : eMap.Appointments.Guide.365
Filename : eMap.Appointments.Guide.365.pdf
File size : 329.9KB
Version : 2
Published Date : June 2018
Document Name : eMap.Configuration.365
Filename : eMap.Configuration_20171122.pdf
File size : 1.4MB
Version : 2
Published Date : June 2018
Document Name : eMap.Case.Guide.365
Filename : eMap.Case.Guide.365.pdf
File size : 509.3KB
Version : 2
Published Date : June 2018
Document Name : eMap.Opportunities.Guide.365
Filename : eMap.Opportunities.Guide.365.pdf
File size : 911.7KB
Version : 2
Published Date : June 2018
Document Name : eMap.Geo.Code.Custom.Entity.365
Filename : eMap.2011.ODG.Custom.pdf
File size : 604.4KB
Version : 2
Published Date : June 2018
Supported Languages
Language Country Language Code
German Germany 1031
English United States 1033
French France 1036
Italian Italy 1040
Dutch Netherlands 1043
Spanish - Modern Sort Spain 3082