Enhance automation with a range of extended workflow functions


MyWORKflow - Extended workflow functions for Microsoft Dynamics 365

MyWORKflow adds business value by extending the workflow capability within Microsoft Dynamics 365, a range of productivity enhancements that improve business process and workflow automation.  Quick create extended workflow against key record types, add members to marketing lists, perform math calculations and manipulate string values are just a few of the functions available from this library enhancement.

42 new business functions... and that's just a start!

The MyWORKflow Functions include:

  • Marketing: Manipulation of marketing lists from workflow, including adding and removing members
  • Sales: Get total values of orders, quotes, opportunities and counts of open/closed cases
  • Dates: Add/subtract to and from dates and find the number of business days between two dates
  • Math: Basic and advanced math calculation
  • Strings: Perform programming-style string operations, including RegEx matching and replacement.
  • and so much more...
Pricing per User per Month / Year *
EWKF-SUB eWorkflow User Subscription £6.00
EWKF-YEAR eWorkflow Annual Subscription £60.00
* Minimum of 5 Users
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Datasheets and Guides
Document Name : MyWorkflow Overview Guide
Filename : MyWorkflow Overview Guide.pdf
File size : 668.7KB
Version : 2
Published Date : July 2018
Document Name : MyWorkflow Userguide
Filename : MyWorkflow Userguide 2018.pdf
File size : 2.8MB
Version : 2
Published Date : July 2018
Supported Languages
Language Country Language Code
English United States 1033
Pricing per CRM Organisation (3 Year Perpetual Licence)
EWKF-10 eWorkflow Solution 10 users £1,950.00
EWKF-30 eWorkflow Solution 30 users £5,550.00
EWKF-60 eWorkflow Solution 60 users £11,500.00
EWKF-ENTERPRISE eWorkflow Enterprise Unlimited users £25,200.00