eWorkflow - Workflow extensions for Dynamics CRM

eWorkflow is a workflow plugin library for Dynamics CRM. This release contains 42 new functions to extend the functionality of workflow processes.

42 new business functions... and that's just a start!

Functions include:

  • Marketing: Manipulation of marketing lists from workflow, including adding and removing members
  • Sales: Get total values of orders, quotes, opportunities and counts of open/closed cases
  • Dates: Add/subtract to and from dates and find the number of business days between two dates
  • Math: Basic and advanced math calculation
  • Strings: Perform programming-style string operations, including RegEx matching and replacement.
  • and so much more...

eWorkflow is an evolving product. We plan to add more functionality in the future based on user suggestions and our own real-world cases. For more information watch the video below.

Datasheets and Guides
Document Name : eWorkflow - Datasheet
Filename : eWorkflow.2011.Datasheet.pdf
File size : 605KB
Version : 1
Published Date : May 2016
Document Name : eWorkflow - User Guide
Filename : eWorkflow.2011.Userguide.pdf
File size : 2.7MB
Version : 1
Published Date : May 2016
Supported Languages
Language Country Language Code
English United States 1033
Pricing per CRM Organisation
EWKF-10 eWorkflow Solution 10 users £600.00
EWKF-30 eWorkflow Solution 30 users £1,000.00
EWKF-60 eWorkflow Solution 60 users £1,500.00
EWKF-ENTERPRISE eWorkflow Enterprise Unlimited users £2,500.00