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MyACTIVITYCalendar (ePlanner) - Calendar Activity planning for Microsoft Dynamics 365

MyACTIVITYCalendar has been designed for busy teams to get the most from Microsoft Dynamics 365. A very easy to use, drag and drop productivity enhancement that delivers the ability to create multiple team calendars.  Each showing one or more activity types and team members.  All organisations have a need for different calendar views either it be Day to Day activity and to Do Lists or Holiday planning, and Sick Leave for team members.   

Increased productivity through better activity management...

MyACTIVITYCalendar enables management of Dynamics 365 activities in a standard format, and goes above and beyond the standard calendar view in 365, as now you will be able to see activities that other team members are working on, and create activities on behalf of others seeing availability.

MyACTIVITYCalendar is purpose built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and embeds directly within Dynamics which means your data never leaves the Dynamics 365 environment.   MyACTIVITYCalendar fully supports the 365 security roles and gives up to a 90 day view of what is happening and when.

Pricing per User per Month / Year *
EPLN-SUB ePlanner User Subscription £6.00
EPLN-YEAR ePlanner Annual Subscription £60.00
* Minimum of 5 Users
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Datasheets and Guides
Document Name : MyActivityCalendar - Administation Guide
Filename : MyActivityCalendar - Administation Guide_July 2018.pdf
File size : 598.6KB
Version : 2
Published Date : July 2018
Document Name : MyActivityCalendar - User Guide
Filename : MyActivityCalendar - User Guide July 2018.pdf
File size : 1.2MB
Version : 2
Published Date : July 2018
Document Name : Myactivitycalendar - Activity Hub 365.pdf
Filename : Myactivitycalendar - Activity Hub 365.pdf
File size : 449.2KB
Version : 1
Published Date : March 2019
Document Name : MyActivityCalendar - Pricing and Overview 2019
Filename : MyActivityCalendar - Pricing and Overview 2019.pdf
File size : 515.7KB
Version : 1
Published Date : March 2019
Supported Languages
Language Country Language Code
German Germany 1031
English United States 1033
French France 1036
Italian Italy 1040
Dutch Netherlands 1043
Russian Russia 1049
Spanish - Modern Sort Spain 3082
Pricing per CRM Organisation (3 Year Perpetual Licence)
EPLN-10 ePlanner Solution 10 users £1,950.00
EPLN-30 ePlanner Solution 30 users £5,500.00
EPLN-60 ePlanner Solution 60 users £11,500.00
EPLN-ENTERPRISE ePlanner Enterprise Unlimited users £25,200.00