To Get Started with Your Free 14-day Trial of MyGEOMap

Step 1

Select the compatible version of the MyCRM Download Centre for your CRM

Step 2

Install your copy of the MyCRM Download Centre

After downloading, open your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and navigate to Settings, then select Solutions. Select the option to Import the solution you have downloaded.

Install Trial

Follow the import steps for the MyCRM Download Centre Solution.

For more help on installing our Download Centre App please click here: Full Instructions

Step 3

Now install your trial by navigating to MyCRM

From within your Microsoft Dynamics 365, navigate to the MyCRM instance to gain access to our productivity enhancement products.

Install Trial

Then select the product that your organisation would like to trial and follow the install steps.

Install Trial

On the completion of the install you may be presented with some action to follow, post install.

Remember if you get stuck just email - we are here to help.

Step 4

Start using your new functionality from MyCRM

The install will complete and after post install configuration you should be ready to make use of your new trial. Remember each product has a detailed user guide on the product pages to help you make the most of the solution. Just download the PDF guides from our Download Centre by going to your chosen product’s page.