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Get the MyCRM Download Centre App for your CRM system

To install the MyCRM Download Centre application follow the detailed steps below. This will help you gain access to all of the MyCRM extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Whether you have already bought a product from us or wish to begin a 14-day trial of one of our productivity enhancements, simply follow the instructions below and start increasing your CRM user adoption and functionality today!


Step 1

Download the MyCRM Download Centre solution .zip to your computer. There is no need to unzip the file.

Step 2

In your CRM system, go to Settings, then Solutions

Step 3

Now select Import from the Settings menu

The following window will appear, ready for you to click on the MyCRM Application for import.

Select using the ‘Browse’ button to locate where you saved the MyCRM Download Centre application in Step 1

Step 4

Navigate to the MyCRM Download Centre Application in your Microsoft Dynamics

Once the Download Centre solution is installed, you will need to refresh your browser. After refreshing, you will find a new sub-level menu entry named "MyCRM", and under that you will find "Download Centre". Open the Download Centre from here.

Step 5

Log in using your MyCRM Download Centre account

Log in using your MyCRM Download Centre account by clicking on the cog icon in the top-right of the Download Centre.

Step 6

Click on any of the products in the Download Centre for more information and to install a 14-day trial.

Step 7

When starting a 14-day trial, the selected product will download and install automatically. After installing a product, you may need to refresh your browser again for the product to show in the CRM menus.

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